Meet Me Halfway

May 16, 2011

post-marathon photo shootI’m running the half marathon at the Fargo Marathon on Saturday. Half always sounds incomplete. I often say, “I’m only doing the half,” like 13.1 miles is somehow insignificant. I also often fundraise only “halfway” because I have such a hard time asking people for money. But in an effort to make the world a bit of a better place and to try not to guilt anybody into giving money, here’s my challenge. Meet me halfway. 

You can take part in one (or both) of two ways (option two  is even “donation free”):

1. You pledge a donation of $13.10 to one (or more) of my children’s charities (since its the “KLVY Run For the Children Half Marathon). I will match your donation for a grand total of $26.20 (like a full marathon). Please commit to pledge via the comment section or via email. My charities (which I have all worked with personally) are: China Service Ventures, Casa de Fe orphanage and Compassion International. Yes, this half marathon is sponsored by the letter “C.”

2. You make an inspirational sign and display it along the half marathon route. In order for me to properly identify the signs, they should start with, “At least you aren’t running to [insert name of distant place].” Please don’t write my name, so that all runners can feel like the sign is for them. For each sign I identify, I will donate $13.10 to my charities (split evenly among all). So make sure I notice your sign (or at least take a picture of you holding it along the route).

Thanks for meeting me halfway! See you on Saturday!