Claimed by God: Tristan, My New Brother

December 15, 2010
Tristan's adoption and baptism

This weekend, Tristan became a permanent member of God's family and ours!

We welcomed Tristan into our family and God’s this weekend. First, God claimed Him as His child through baptism.


God claimed Tristan as His own through baptism.

Then my parents adopted him as their son, and the rest of us, as our brother. It was beautiful (Read a generic copy of the baptism and adoption ceremony)!

Promises to Tristan

We all made promises to Tristan to love Him and be His family forever.

After journeying through adoption with my parents, I am awestruck by the grand measures that God took to adopt us as His children. I tried to convey this in writing a song for Tristan performed with my brother Nathan during the ceremony.

As I prepare for Christmas–wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols, baking cookies, I consider the preparations God made to send His son to Earth–finding God-fearing parents, teaching Jesus how to be a human, telling His son that He would be given life only to have it taken away in the cruelest of deaths, reminding Him that it would be worth it all in the end.

God planned before the creation of the world to claim us as His children. Our old sinful selves are buried, and we have been made alive with Christ to be eternal members of His family. That’s incredible!