Who Says You Can’t Go Camping in January?

January 26, 2011
before dining room


Do you remember forts out of blankets and cardboard box houses? They were whimsical, whisking you off to another world. Well, in the dead of January (because honestly, there are few signs of life) with welcoming below-zero temperatures and even lower windchills, I was in need of an “alternate reality.”



If you add to this equation, a new tent, my roommate’s new sleeping bag and headlamp and a fun friend from out-of-town, you have a perfect storm for a camping trip. Oh, but did I mention the subzero temperatures?

So, with our dining room rug unearthed, we set up my tent. It almost felt like the great outdoors. We turned off all the lights, added headlamps and warm clothing and sat inside my tent, strategically located in front of the giant snow drift on our balcony.

in tent

Camping in January!

We inhaled a warm summer breeze (thanks to a scented candle). The sounds of frogs and crickets filled our ears (thanks to my roommate’s alarm clock). Then we took toothpicks and lil’ smokies and had ourselves a barbeque (over the candle, of course). If you charred the smokies, they tasted almost like the real thing (and lost the “summer breeze” taste). To finish it off, we ate roasted mini-marshmellows and even a few s’mores made with Andes mints. I would have to say it was incredible.

For the record, my roommate and I did sleep the entire night in our tent. It was glorious!

Roasting lil' smokies.


Mmm! Roasted marshmallows!