Treasuring an Unconditional Compliment

It’s not too hard for me to compliment a shirt or new haircut, but how often do I simply compliment my friends for who they are rather than what they have changed?

I considered this yesterday after receiving a simple compliment. Two words. “You’re beautiful.” Not “I like your new jeans,” or “Your hair looks nice curly.”

smiling conversation

A genuine compliment inspires smiles.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate these compliments, but they are conditional. They beg questions like, “Will I still be desirable if I wear my old jeans or tie my hair back?”An unconditional compliment is not dependent on anything else for it to be true. It is a treasure.

My friend Amber is doing a blog challenge during the month of December, and yesterday she challenged us to bring joy to others. So along this theme, I invite you today to give someone an unconditional compliment. It may be the best present they receive all year.


One Response to Treasuring an Unconditional Compliment

  1. gustav says:

    this is awsome. love it.

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