Spotless Cloak

Barren, winter trees
carry tiny flakes of white
crystalline pipe cleaner branches.

Parched, lifeless flurries enbalm each branch
reflecting the sparse morning sunlight against
the pale gray sky.

The spotless cloak falls away when I touch it,
disturbing its peaceful slumber,
beauty left best for the eye.


4 Responses to Spotless Cloak

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely imagery…
    very cute poem with beautiful word flow…
    keep writing…

    I invite you to participate in poets rally week 34.
    follow the ping back link and place your poem in,
    poetry awards are assigned upon completion.
    Happy Tuesday!
    The Deadline is Wednesday!

  2. Seasweetie says:

    This is lovely – I can see the branch and see myself disturbing its serenity.

    Here’s my contribution for the Thursday Poet’s Rally:

  3. Purvi says:

    Beautiful..! very lovely description! I am from

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